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The BIOTA bottle is made from a revolutionary new plastic resin, created from annually renewable resources, through a joint venture between Cargill and Dow Chemical, Cargill Dow LLC. Their scientists have developed a new plastic resin made from corn called NatureWorks ™ PLA.

Corn is converted into the plastic resin through fermentation and distillation processes yielding polylactic acid, or PLA. The process of making the plastic uses 20% to 50% less energy than making petroleum-based PET plastic. Not only are we saving energy through the manufacturing process, we are using a home-grown renewable resource, and we can complete the cycle by turning containers into compost at commercial composting facilities.

This revolutionary new resin can be used to make all kinds of products (bottles, cups, plates, utensils, deli containers, vitamin bottles, cosmetic containers, etc.). We think that PLA will eventually replace PET, and other petroleum based plastics as the industry standard for nearly all types of plastic containers.

We are extremely excited about the possibilities for this new plastic. Sustainable business practices make sense, but until this time there has not been a plastic product that even approaches this goal. Now we can all make a difference by buying and using PLA products. The containers are made from corn, the contents are used by the consumer then the container is turned into compost, to feed the corn.

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