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1 1/2 Liter and 20 ounce  
To complete our BIOTA family of sizes we are thinking about two additional sizes - a 1 1/2 liter PLA plastic bottle and a mid-sized 20 ounce PLA plastic bottle. No matter how big or small your thirst we'll have a size just right for you. BIOTA - Colorado Pure Premium Spring Water from the mountains of Colorado to you.

1 Liter  
One of our family of sizes is the 1 Liter. It's stylish packaging and larger size will satisfy the artistic and the thirsty. Our PLAnet Friendly bottles, made from corn are the hit of the school yard, picnic table, lunch lounge and trails. We all care about the planet, and we hope our revolutionary bottle will inspire people of all ages to learn more about composting, recycling and renewable resources and how they too can make a difference.

500 ml. size  == VIEW BOTTLE ==
The 500 ml. bottle is one of our trendsetting product family. It's thirst-quenching size is designed to fit perfectly in car, truck and airline cup holders. No more spills! It's BIOTA Colorado Pure Premium Spring Water and it's packaged in our commercially compostable bottle, the first approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute. If you peek through the window you'll see Mt. Abrams, the view from our bottling facility. The outer label depicts Wilson Peak, a familiar Telluride, Colorado landmark.

STUBBY is our just right size. It was designed with kids in mind. It's the perfect size for a lunch box or a quick drink on the go. It's no-tip design makes it hard to knock over and it fits perfectly in car, truck and airline cup holders. No more big spills for the little guys and no need to waste water if you just need a bit.

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