What is the world's first compostable bottle?
BIOTA uses nature-based packaging from NatureWorks ™ PLA. NatureWorks ™ PLA is the first commercially viable packaging material derived entirely from an annually renewable resource - corn. BIOTA is the first beverage company in the world to exclusively use NatureWorks ™ PLA to bottle its products. BIOTA water bottles are completely compostable. They are approved and certified as commercially compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). Initial testing has demonstrated that a BIOTA water bottle will degrade within 75 to 80 days in a commercial composting situation. A traditional plastic bottle will never biodegrade.

How does the BIOTA bottle composting process work?
BIOTA bottles need high heat, micro-organisms and high moisture levels to break down. A BIOTA PLA bottle will not degrade as rapidly in a home compost pile. When exposed to the necessary conditions, BIOTA bottles will break down into water, carbon dioxide and organic material.

How long does it take for a BIOTA bottle to disappear?
Given the right composting conditions including high heat, humidity and micro-organisms, a BIOTA bottle will disappear in 75 to 80 days...basically 12 weeks.

Will the bottle ever decompose on the shelf?
In order for a BIOTA bottle to degrade it must be opened, emptied and placed under the right conditions.

How is the BIOTA bottle made?
As part of its natural photosynthesis process, corn stores carbon from the air in the starchy portions of the plant. BIOTA bottles are made by developing a resin that begins with harvesting corn and breaking down the starches into natural plant sugars. The next step in this simple, yet patented process includes fermentation, separation and polymerization to make what is called plastic polylactide, or PLA.

Because it's made from corn, can I eat it?
As a plastic product, it's not recommended that BIOTA PLA containers be consumed.

Is this corn product safe to use with food?
PLA bottles are approved by the FDA for food and water contact.

Does this new bottle cost more?
BIOTA water is premium spring water and will be priced competitively with other premium waters.

Are the cap and label compostable?
The label is compostable. At this time, the cap is not. BIOTA is committed to being an environmentally responsible company and is currently researching options for its cap.

Will an open bottle of BIOTA begin to decompose if left in a hot car for weeks?
No. It takes prolonged and CONSTANT exposure to high heat (120-140 °F) plus high humidity AND micro-organisms in order to begin decomposing.

Why aren't the big soft drink and bottled water companies using this technology?
BIOTA has the right to introduce and market the world's first NatureWorks ™ PLA water bottle. Other beverage giants have used the technology for plastic cups.

Will BIOTA bottles affect the plastic recycling process?
Studies have shown that there is no affect on the quality of recycled product when PLA makes up to 1% of the plastic mix. That's a lot of bottles! BIOTA is dedicated to working with municipalities to explore options for separating, recycling and composting PLA bottles. BIOTA is working with Recycle America/Waste Management to create and promote recycling infrastructures that will accept PLA products. The technology already exists to separate PLA from PET. This exciting development will create strong markets for recycled PLA products. BIOTA supports increasing community composting efforts throughout the US as an additional method of creating a resource from a waste!

BIOTA's corporate philosophy is based on a "Planet Friendly™" model. Unfortunately most people do not recycle plastic bottles...BIOTA gives consumers a choice to buy a "Planet Friendly" product that when properly composted disappear in less than 12 weeks. Even if BIOTA's PLA bottles end up in the trash, you've still making a difference by buying a product made from a 100% renewable resource, corn.

What does BIOTA taste like?
BIOTA tastes like water should: It is crisp and refreshing, boasting world-class mineral content and purity. Unlike many commercially available waters, which are often filtered municipal tap water, an open bottle of BIOTA left on a nightstand overnight still tastes good the next morning. Most waters don't hold up to the "overnight taste test." Try it yourself. In addition, our bottle doesn't leach "aldehyde" chemicals into the product as can happen with petroleum-based containers.

Where is BIOTA sold?
At this time, BIOTA is sold at select natural foods and gourmet supermarkets throughout the United States. Eventually, consumers across the United States will be able to purchase BIOTA in their favorite stores and online at www.BIOTAspringwater.com.

Is there a difference between purified water and spring water?
There is an absolute difference between purified water and spring water! Purified water can also be labeled as distilled water. In most cases purified water is simply processed municipal tap water. BIOTA is true spring water. BIOTA's protected source is buried beneath rock formations. Its underground spring is protected from the elements and human contact. The water flows directly from these formations, through BIOTA's collection system to our bottling plant.

Petroleum packaging vs. corn packaging - what's the big deal?
The difference between petroleum-based packaging and corn-based packaging is like night and day.... Simply stated, NatureWorks ™ PLA corn packaging is both compostable and recyclable. Initial testing has demonstrated that a BIOTA PLA bottle made from corn degrades in 75-80 days in a commercial compost situation. Petroleum based PET bottles will not compost.. Corn packaging provides an annually renewable, nature-based alternative to traditional non-renewable, fossil fuel, petroleum-based plastic materials. NatureWork ™PLA uses 30% to 50% less fossil fuel to produce than petroleum-based plastics. Because they are made from corn, PLA bottles burn clean and do not release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Everyone wants to make a difference...now you can.

What does a bottle of BIOTA cost?
BIOTA is committed to maintaining pricing competitive with other premium spring waters.

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